Everyone says they have a passion for photography. It’s probably the most repeated phrase in the business. But what does that passion entail? What direction does that drive steer a person toward as an artist?

For me it is an image of my grandparents, taken by my aunt, that started me down a long and winding path. It has been reprinted and used my entire life at family events, birthdays, anniversaries and, sadly, even a funeral recently. It is an image that has taken on a greater meaning in my life than simply being a picture. It represents 64 years of love and dedication. It is an icon. Those iconic images are what I strive to achieve for you, the customer.

A photographer’s job is to see every minute detail, to capture not just an image, but a story. My mission is simply to give you something you will remember for the rest of your life. Images that are not just good, they’re .